Let’s get personal

These are a few lessons i have learnt over the years.

Just a few lesson i picked up

Hey y’all, so today am gonna tell you a story; it might get personal so get ready. So a few years ago, i got born again. I don’t know the date because unlike most believers, for me it didn’t happen in a day. Or at least, i didn’t believe that i was ( a believer) in a day.
So every Sunday i would sit at the pews( okay chairs but I’ve always wanted to use that word) of citam valley road and at the end of the service utter the words after the altar call. But then I’d leave go home and lead the same miserable life. Do you know that hollow feeling when you know are miserable, you kinda know why but just don’t know what to do about it? Talk about addictions to both the mundane and the big things, extreme character flaws, hundreds of different personalities and just a recurrent feeling of utter despair. I promise i said that prayer every Sunday for more than 5 years and nothing changed. In fact it all seemed to be getting worse the more i yearned for the salvation those words promised. Actually the few months before i got born again carry most of my regrets, guilt and life altering stupid decisions i made.
I have never known why but somehow the more out of control i got the more i knew   i needed Christ. But one thing catapulted me into finally making that decision.
So February 2016 remember up to this point, i am not really sure if am born again or not. Does the number of times I’ve said that prayer( and meant it) make me born again? Do the things i do afterwards later into the week cancel out my being born again? This are the questions that kept haunting me every Sunday. So this day membership class is announced and for some reason i decide to plug in. Day 1 class 101. Never under estimate the power of this statement ‘ say hi to your neighbour ‘. This was the beginning of God working in my heart. My neighbor turned out to be an older guy and i have never known anyone so zealous for the Lord. I am an extroverted introvert, on certain occasions i am so lively and so this was one of those days since i talked to the guy and exchanged contacts and became membership class besties. When they say as believers we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses; believe it. This guy’s life was a testimony and without his knowledge he got to actually work on my belief. It however wasn’t that easy. Mainly because the verse that God kept drilling in my mind was Matthew 5:29-30
And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.
Matthew 5:30 NIV”

So at the time, i was in this relationship and i can probably blame it for my uncertainty in faith issues. I knew deep down the only way I’d get through the first step of salvation was ending it.Do you know how difficult it is to just leave a 5 year old relationship, five years!!! For no tangible reason; no fight no misunderstanding but just an inkling that God has told you so? How do you even start that conversation? This is the point I realised and i know it is difficult and possibly cliche; if you want something as badly you will fight for it as badly. I mean as human beings we are likely to lean towards the familiar, towards what we are already comfortable with. It took me years to get the guts to cut off everything that curtailed my growth in faith and it hurt. Obedience however is a proof of faith. Now am not saying i have it all figured out now, i am still stumbling sometimes, but i remain confident of this; he who began a good work in us will bring it to completion. One thing am assured of though, it is the best decision i ever made( i know another cliche) but still holds true almost 5 years later.

1. Believe. This is the first and most fundamental step  John 3.16. Whosoever believeth shall not perish but have eternal life. It begins in your belief that yes Christ died for your sins you are sanctified by the blood of Jesus that poured on that cross. That is enough and trust me, the most important step in the right direction.

2. Mentorship. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this. Over the years I’ve acknowledged that this is probably the reason my faith was almost null by the time i ventured into the week. I had no guidance! So look for a believer you look up to. If you are as shy as i am, approaching anyone may be a daunting task.  But trust me some human beings are surprisingly nice. Dont over think it. Just ask.

3. Pray. This was a difficult part in my journey. I felt so uncomfortable talking to myself in an empty room. I got past it however by writing down my prayers instead. But later on it got easier to speak because my room no longer felt empty.Remember to customise your prayers after all it is Your heavenly father and friend you are talking to.  It may feel awkward in the beginning but keep at it. Using your own words your own emotions

4. Reading the Bible.
This will give you all the answers you will need in this journey.

5. Keep at it. The journey won’t be easy. In fact you may fall back into your past habits and ‘ feeling unsaved’ the way i did. But rise again and keep on moving. Your deliverance will come. An important lesson i learnt salvation is not feeling it is being.  If Jesus says you are saved you are even when you do not feel it. Keep fighting the race, a day at a time.  You are not alone, the moment the Holy Spirit convicts you to get born again he is with you and He promises to never forsake you till the end of time.

Ketodiet. Is it overated? Just another FAD?A diet therapist’s perspective

I cannot confirm the number of times i have heard keto diet mentioned in conversations, advertisements on social media and basically every health and nutrition platform. But i can say that is many times! Is it just another FAD diet? Or is it the answer for those of us who want to lose weight?

If this is your first time hearing about this trending diet. Here is a crush course! Keto diet in longer words ketogenic diet is a meal plan consisting of extremely low carbohydrate intake ( less than 10% of total calories) to instigate production of ketones in a process called ketosis( now you see where the name originates from). Ketone bodies are a constituent of fatty acids when they are broken down for fuel. Therefore the basic aim of a ketogenic diet is to ensure fats in the body are broken down to produce the said ketone bodies. What to expect when fat in your body is broken down? Yesss!! Weight loss!!

Is it really that simple though? Or is there more to it? How does earing more fat help you lose weight ? Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

This leads to another crash course if you are new to nutrition. Macronutrients. These are food components needed by the body in large amounts and include; Carbohydrates, proteins and yes fat. But how can we define ‘large amounts’? For a healthy normal individual Acceptable Macronutrients Distribution Ranges are used to define this. Carbohydrates ( 45 -65%) Proteins (10%-15%) and Fat ( 10 – 35%) of total calories. As stated earlier a keto diet drastically reduces carbohydrates to less than 10% of total calories with fats now becoming the main energy source at 70% of total calories.We will however get to the effects of that later.

Carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy by the body and glucose which is the basic unit of carbohydrates is the preferred energy source by the brain. Proteins are needed for body building and wound repair and fats for insulation and transport. All macronutrients can be sources of energy with carbs being the most preferred while fats and proteins are used in moments of starvation;when carbs are not available. So keto diet basically invokes some form of starvation to ensure fat stored in the body and fat which now becomes the main source of energy are used.

Okay done with the science. There are many types of keto. The most common type is the standard keto diet which is as expected, a very low carbohydrate (5%) with moderate protein (20%) and high fat diet (75%) of total calories. As it is with anything standard, this can be modified to suit individual nutritional needs. The other common type of keto is the high protein keto diet with the basic extremely low carb at 5% of total calories higher protein at 35% of total calories and 60 % of total calories from fat. Other types of keto diets include the medium chain tryglyceride keto diet which focuses on the type of fat being consumed, cyclic and targeted keto diets which are customized depending on time and individual activity, very low carbohydrate keto diet and others. Low carbohydrate less than 10% and high fat; that is what makes a keto diet.

Enough with the numbers. My professional opinion. That is what I promised you. Nutrition is and will always be individual and personal. Whatever works for your friend may not work for you. For you who tried keto and instead gained weight,so sorry but it happens. Before venturing into any diet plan, do a nutrition assessment. What are your goals? It is feasible? Is it sustainable? Can you even afford it ? What are the siede effects? Do you have any health condition that can be affected by the diet? Always ask yourself these questions and find a nutritionist or dietician to guide you. In my opinion, keto diet should be able to help you lose weight but as it is with any plan, discipline is key. Keep in mind that keto diet can be downright dangerous for people in need of fast energy such as athletes and can lead to hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ) for diabetics if not done correctly and under the guidance of a nutritionist. If you are really determined to do it, Remember moderation is key. Start slow and stay healthy. Fat even though it is advocated here, has its on negative effects. But that is a lesson for another day. All in all stay healthy and good luck!

Romantic novels?

I already feel hypocritical after that title. Because I am the girl who can safely say, I have read more than 300 romance novels in my lifetime. I own more than 100 romantic novels in my library. And no I do not read with any conscience thought or sober mind.

1 Peter 5:8 says be sober and vigilant because the devil is like a lion prowling and looking for whom to devour.

I understand very well what this novels are about, after all i have more than 300 books experience. That could even mean am a professor of some kind. As a young Christian girl, i am going to share the effect this books have in our minds from a personal journey and experience.

1. Unsatisfaction in relationships.

If you have any encounter with romance novels, just imagine the drama, the outwordliness of the hero, hot, tall with eyes so dark they can see right through you,do not get me started on the body. Many of us end up looking for this hero in our relationships, the smoldering guy who makes you heart stop and your brain freeze. These books give us expectations that do not exist, we go guy after guy looking for that hero, that perfect guy who will save us from all things, who knows us and pursues us relentlessly even when we are mean. Okay such a guy does exist, and i know only one; Jesus Christ. But for the human mortal guy, no i do not think so. So we end up looking for a novel character with no flaws in the real world and become unsatisfied with every man. We look for that chemisty on the superficial instead of spiritual chemistry and again end up feeling like we are missing out.

2. Written porn.

I laugh everytime i hear someone say that men have more access to pornography. These people have not come across many best selling romantic novel. Most romance novels have described scenes from something as simple as a kiss in a way that makes you blush. If a kiss can make me blush, imagine what a whole sexual scene does. As a woman, words resonate to me more than graphics. Tell me you love me and show me you love me, the words are more likely to convince me. So these secenes in novels are what most of us chase after, not the story or literary skills, the sex scenes in it. The point here however is, are our thoughts noble, are they of good report while you are reading?

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8 NIV

Like any kind of porn, this one is also addictive. Which brings me to point three.

3. Addiction.

If someone told me one can be addicted to books a year earlier I would have argued scientifically possibly on how that is impossible. I can however admit now that yes I am one of the book addicts. I cannot fall asleep without reading a book, I can stay up a whole night just to finish a book and not just any book. If i could read the Bible like this, i would not even dare complain. The sad truth about my addiction is or was (we thank God for the blood of Jesus that can wash away any addiction) romantic novels. I had to download a book every night so that I can fall asleep. I know it sounds eery and so simple. Like what is the big deal here! Addiction to one simple thing can lead to addiction to another complex thing. Addiction to french fries can lead to addiction to food in general leading to obesity. Addiction to romance novels leads to addiction to erotic novels which leads to addiction to pleasure amd we know where that ends.

I will conclude by stating that i have nothing against romance novels in general but most of them in particular. I know really good Christian romance novels and other good novels out there. To prevent all the consequences above though. Which I experienced first hand, I had to avoid romantic novels altogether. I am now into non fiction books that build up my spirit and edify me. It is still a struggle, i relapse once in a while but i will keep pursuing in every way a life and especially a mind that glorifies my Savior. Again I am still trying.

Letting go

We are all addicted to something. For example, i am addicted to sleep, sugar and other things. The thing about addictions, they rule you, dominate, and basically become masters over your person.

Addictions teach us rhat the Flesh has a lot of power over us even without us noticing. That most times we are ruled by our bodies ;it decides for us when to eat, when to sleep, when and how to react and maybe like mine, not to wake up early in the morning.

Addictions, in anything, make it seem like you will die without them, that you will in no way survive without the said thing. Which is why they are hard to beat. How can you convince yourself that the thing yourself wants is not good for you? Which is why in most cases, addictions are only helped through therapy, rehabilitation and some other serious action.

Like anyone who knows the feeling of losing control over yourself, your actions, thoughts i can understand the hopelessness, the rollercoaster of making it for three months then in a flash of an eye, you are back to the beginning.

I have learnt though, through the highs of rhe victories and the lows of the loses with addiction, it cannot be done by might or power of man, it cannot be totally managed by the 10 habits of winning against addiction or therapy or support groups. I have learnt that there is only one way. The only way to break that stronghold, that addiction that so frustrates you. The only way to help you stand back up when you fall back into that pit of darkness and hopelessness.

It is going to sound easy then also hard but i have learnt to surrender the things that are holding me hostage, imprisoning me to the blood of Jesus. Now Luke 4:18 gives a summary of what the mission of Jesus was. ‘To proclaim freedom for the prisoners’. That thing that is imprisoning you, making you question everything, the chain that has refused to break, that stronghold still holding you back, LET IT GO and surrender it to Jesus. Continue proclaiming that blood that he shed. So no the battle is no longer yours, it is the Lord’s and in your pursuit of righteousness, he will not forsake you.

Diet therapy

A month ago I enrolled on an internship at place in Busia county called Ageng’a. Honestly I cried. Not out of elation but utter disappointment. Because seriously who has even heard of such a name.

Well now four weeks later, am in a dusty, unreasonably hot market called Mulokhoni. I can promise you this is the only market I encountered that sells zero fruits! Remember I am a nutritionist so this came as a shock. But I digress.

I was to talk about diet therapy. I chose this course called food service diet therapy, honestly just because it sounded fancy. Only to discover that I just discovered my calling in life!

Well, diet therapy, my own definition is the use of food components to prevent or cure a food related health condition or maintain good health. And I love it!

I have learnt about meal planning, diet planning, therapeutic diets, food composition tables and finally I can make someone a health individual-modified diet plan! And so much more! I have learnt community nutrition, given health talks, discussed serious issues in barazas. I also discovered a weird fruit exists called ‘fenesi’ jackfruit.

This reminded me that really, God has amazing plans for us even if the path may lead to a dusty, hot, dry place with hopeless network! Learn to trust His process!

The beginning

I don’t think i have ever shared my salvation story, but that’s probably because unlike most people’s mine did not happen in a single day.

I had always had the desire to know God, i was born in a Christian home after all. But for a while the world had it’s clutches on me. And leaving was not that easy.

So those salvation prayers? I said them every Sunday every time an altar call was made. But my life really never changed because of one constant at the time a worldly relationship.

I knew very well if i had too move forward i had to let go of the relationship. But try dumping someone you have loved for four years without any physical reason.

Long story short, after a lot of hide and seek, the Lord used a new friend to find me and finally i had the guts to end the relationship.. And now here i am an ambassador of Christ, enjoying salvation with its joys and trials and never wanting to turn back.

The journey has been interesting, you can join in as i continue to learn and experience this love.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are Godʼs handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:8‭-‬10 NIV

A little intro.

If you are anything like me, then you like knowing things about people.

I am in my 20s, early 20s, from a town in Kenya called Kakamega.

Born again and in love with food. A diet therapist ( or hoping to be one by December)

I will share here my interests which right now are my growing relationship with Christ and food.

See you soon 😊